The executive committee of the Christmas Seal Foundation has pointed out the renowned artist Malînánguak´ M. Mølgaard to design The Christmas Seal 2012 , which is the 39th of the kind.

Malînánguak´ M. Mølgaard:
Malînánguak´ M. Mølgaard was born in Qullissat in 1960.

When Malînánguak ‘M. Mølgaard went to HF in Nuuk, she had art as elective at Astrid Heilmann.

Malînánguak ‘M. Mølgaard was a journalist in 1985. Malînánguak ‘M. Mølgaard has been employed in KNR radio and television in the years 1972-93, 1995-96, 1010-11.
In 2002-10 Information Officer at Tele Greenland A / S.
Member of Inatsisartut from 1995-2002, mayor from 1997-2001 in Qeqertarsuaq.
From 2005-2008 first Deputy Mayor of Nuuk Municipality.

Art Exhibitions:
Aasivik 1984
Nuuk Museum of Art 2007
Nuuk Town Hall 2008
Tele-Post canteen 2007-2010
Greenland Bank 2010
Restaurant Nipisa 2010-2011
nursery 2011
Gallery Malînánguak ‘, which started 1. June 2011
Greenland’s culture house Katuaq 2012

And has worked with many other things.

For the Greenland Christmas Seal 2012 she writes:
“Christmas night was ‘Arctic kids’ and held hands, they promise that they will jointly lifting tasks in the country.
They look at the Christmas star that gives them hope and love, they take courage and energy from the northern lights, and thank the ancestral spirit that gives them power.
They respect their origin and are wearing their local costumes. Men who bring home seals and polar bears, and the women’s hands with their ulu (women’s knife), needle and thread have produced the beautiful and unique costumes.
I love my country and its inhabitants, and feel hope and pride for the young. “

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