Board of Christmas Seal Foundation has nominated artist
Lisbeth Karline Poulsen as winner of the Christmas Seal 2013 – Juullip Nipitittagaa, which is the 40th Christmas Seal.


Lisbeth Karline Poulsen:

Lisbeth Karline PoulsenLisbeth Karline Poulsen is born in Nanortalik, and grows up in Denmark and in Uummannaq.
She has drawn since she was little, and she makes her first linoleum prints when she was 5 years old. She´s is always been interested in molding in elementary school. At continuation school, she took a creative line. When she was in high school in Aasiaat, she chose art as electives. After high school she went to art school Nuuk in 2003-2004. From 2005-2009 she went at Aarhus Art Academy until she was been educated as artist.
Lisbeth Karline had a long dream of creating a Greenland Christmas Seal. 2 years ago she moved back to Greenland from Denmark, and she wrote:
“There is nothing like a Greenlandic Christmas, white in a polar night, and a lot of orange Christmas stars in the windows. On my way during the Christmas season, I saw a child being pulled on a wooden sledge. I thought on my own wooden sledge as a child and what luck it was to own one. Can clearly remember the joy in my little brother’s face when he packed up his own sledge”
Lisbeth Karline further writes that it as an adult is nostalgic to think back to all the hours she´s spent on such a sledge, or when you find a good hill to toboggan down, along with other children, or when you were tired and was pulled home, and also when the Christmas tree was strapped to the sledge.
Lisbeth Karline selected lines and colors, to get a happy and positive design forward. So hopefully bring smiles and Christmas cheer until everyone who wants to take advantage of it. Her vision for the future is to continue to do what she thinks is exciting and fun, be happy, and always find inspiration in his life.

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