The executive committee of the Christmas Seal Foundation has pointed out the renowned artist Naja Abelsen to design The Christmas Seal 2014, which is the 41th of the kind.

Juulli_2014Naja Abelsen:
Naja was born in Brønderslev and raised in Frederikssund. Since then she has lived in Qaqortoq from 1971-1980, as her father came from until she was 15, but moved back to Denmark.
She grew up in a creative family, and she was born in to her interest in art. In a poetry book she has written that she wanted to be an artist and work with people, and art has always been part of her life.

1985: Art School Holbæk
1987-1989: Painting Art school in Copenhagen
1990-1996: Danish Design school
Since 1990 Naja is working with orders

Naja Abelsens thoughts of Christmas Seal 2014 and its message:
”Christmas is originally on solstice, which people also watched in the old days in Greenland. The sun in the sky, its disappearance and reappearance in the northern parts of the country, and therefore the sun is in all the seals.
The reindeer I love, it reminds me to check how my conscience has it. That’s how do I get it when I see their gentle, deep eyes!
But here’s the reindeer most chosen because deer from ancient times, in many countries and many cultures have associated with the sun.
In addition, the reindeer, of course, Santa’s draft animals. ”

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