The executive committee of the Christmas Seal Foundation has pointed out the artist Nukannguaq Mathiesen-Fontain to design The Christmas Seal 2015, which is the 41th of the kind.


Nukannguaq Mathiesen – Fontain:
Born July 20th, 1991 and raised in Ilulissat.
2008-2011 : HHX in Qaqortoq.
2011-2012 : Art School in Nuuk.
Nukannguaq married and moved to Sisimiut in 2012.
Nukannguaq plans to start on Female College in Sisimiut. She likes to deal with crafts and art, and loves to be creative. In the future she would like to be independent and work with art. She finds it exciting and fun to get a self-employment in freedom and without limitations.

The reason for my drawing is: I grew up in a big family. Christmas morning we usually start the day with the family from my mother’s side and dance around the Christmas tree, then we hand out gifts which we have raffled. In the afternoon we spend time with the family from my father’s side. In the evening we eat as a family and give each other presents. I have lived and grown up with the presence of love and unity with the family. I wish that other children also experiences the same thing as I have grown up with. Seeing the children’s joy and excitement on Christmas morning spreading joy to everyone, is the best I know.”

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