Juullip Nipitittagaa, the Greenlandic Christmas Seal, has supported and worked for Inuit art and culture for more than 41 years.

HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark is Patron of the The Greenlandic Christmas.


The Avaat Choir

In 2013, The Aavaat Choir became ambassadors to The Christmas Seal Foundation’s Support Committee in Denmark.

In the future, The Aavaat Choir will be singing Christmas carols at the annual presentation and disclosure of the Greenland Christmas Seal in Copenhagen. This always takes place on the last Thursday in October.

Aavaat Koret

The Aavaat Choir was founded in 1996 and counts more than 25 beautiful voices.

The choir is based in Copenhagen and, on many different occasions, both in Denmark and abroad, it represents Greenland with beautiful Greenlandic hymns and songs.

The choir is best known for its annual performances at DR1’s (Denmark’s National Television) televised show “Christmas Greetings to Greenland”. However, they fulfill many other responsibilities too, e.g. when performing with traditional Greenlandic drum dancing or entertaining with Greenlandic polka.

At The Christmas Seal Foundation’s Support Committee in Denmark, we are looking forward to the many future collaborations with the choir.

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