Greenland’s Christmas Seal 2019

The executive commitee of the Seal Foundation has appointed reknown artist Paneeraq Grønvold to design the Christmas Seal 2019, for the 46th anniversary of the Greenland’s Seal 2019.

Paneeraq Grønvold:
Paneeraq Grønvold is born in Qasigiannguit January 12, 1991 and grew up in Maniitsoq.

She has attended various schools in Denmark.
In 2017 she was educated as an accountant from Niuernermik Ilinniarfik (business school) in Nuuk. She has also attended the School of Art in Nuuk. She has worked in the social welfare department of Qeqqata Municipality.

In Maniitsoq she started working as an office assistant at the boarding school, but has been employed as a teacher in Greenlandic and creative subjects.

“Christmas across generations” or “Christmas at the grandparents”:
Paneeraq Grønvold clearly values that the children are set as the center of the feast, appreciated and loved among the adults and especially that the grandparents give joy to the grandchildren.

Keeping Christmas in the name of love gives strength and happiness to adulthood, which is a gift of love.

Homes do not need expensive furniture and gifts do not need to be expensive, giving love and warmth are something that is much more valuable.

Winner 2019, Paneeraq Grønvold
Aavaat choir, performed 3 songs at the event 2019.
The DK branch support group for the executive committee.
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